The High Cut

Posted by Jessica York on

Didya hear? We were featured on

In light of this, we're talking about a thing of beauty today: The High Leg Cut.

The high leg cut has been, well, making the cut for some time now (think 80's work out videos and almost way-too-high waist lines) and we could not be happier. It's definitely received some skepticism but as the trend circles back around, we've seen it go from models, celebrities and more and more so just your day-to-day woman. Why? Because it's so flattering.  And while there's argument that the shape probably only works for the model image, it's certainly not true. A higher leg cut works on every body shape, just gotta find the right one. (Pictured above: Marlo, Devon, + Chloe)

Anyways, here's some inspo behind the line's cuts for your viewing pleasure: