Meet the Maker

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Get to know a little bit about the star behind the suits. We're taking some time to interview Jessica, JYORK the label's designer, who is actually a whole lot more than just that. She's an artist, stylist + custom work maven - check out some of her other work and get a peek at her process. 

How did you get in to custom work?

Adding touches to my own clothing gained attention with friends and other people, so i started just doing favors adding personal touches to friends clothing or accessories.  Then i got into studding converse, they make the best baby/toddler gifts.

When did you start painting?

I got into painting around 12 and haven’t stopped since, I’ve always been fascinated by texture and colors. Painting is an instant meditation for me. An expensive hobby, but definitely cheaper then therapy ;)

Original canvas art for The Solana Collection

Where do you get your inspiration from?

People + Nature.

Nature has always been an inspiration for me.  All the details and colors are actually overwhelming but so amazing. I love people watching,  there are so many different, beautiful people on this planet but I’ve always been attracted to the structure of a woman. I love to create pieces that make women embrace themselves as the sensual creature they are. 


How did this transfer into swimwear?

It was a natural transition, being a stylist in Miami leaves swimwear as a huge part of your everyday wardrobe. I felt there was a lack of creativity that needed to be explored.

So, your products are actually meant to be more than just swimwear?

Ah, yes. That’s when I started The Label. Swim had to be more the just swim. My designs are meant to be closet staples.  Wear one pieces as bodysuits, or bodysuits as one piece swimwear. Separates can be worn as bikinis, intimates or activewear.

Most of the bikini tops can be worn as activewear. All one pieces are designed to be worn as outerwear as well.  All fabric is quick dry and extremely comfortable on the body.  I designed a collection with the body in mind so that every body type has a style that is meant for them.

Jessica wears the Dylan one piece in Burgundy as a bodysuit paired with a denim on denim ensemble.

What are you working on right now: what projects are holding the most focus? What’s next for you? 

I feel like this is just the beginning. My goal is to expand The Label, bringing in more day-to-day designs as well as accessories. I’m hardest at work with the Fall collection. Same concept: multi-use pieces. :)

So excited for The Label's future. 

Tell us something you've been interested in lately

Gardening. It’s my new love. To plant something with your own hands and actually see it grow into something completely different than how it started out. Nature man, its unreal.